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automation-(4x3)We believe the automated home is the home of the future: designed to make your life easier, save you money, and give you the ultimate peace of mind. As home automation specialists, we can install a huge range of home automation technology into your property and give you the home of

the future.

Useful, Useable Technology

We understand that many home automation techniques can seem faddy and, frankly, pointless. We realise that adding technology to your home should add value to your home and your way of life, which is why we will only recommend technologies that we believe will enhance your lifestyle and your property.

The range of home automation that we can install includes: blinds and window shutters that will react to light levels and light fittings that will only turn on when it is dark outside (both designed to save you money on your monthly bills), extra security in the form of facial recognition to access and unlock doors, and even sensors within your doormats so that you can record who is entering and leaving your home, and when. Once you’ve experienced the convenience of living with home automation technology, you’ll never want to live without it again.

Experts in the Field

We have all of the expertise, certification, and real passion for this future-proofed technology to ensure that you receive the best possible automation to suit your home and your lifestyle. All of our installation engineers are fully qualified and highly trained in fitting and securing all of our home automation pieces, and each of our engineers takes pride in their work and in their attention to detail. You’ll find that the disruption to your home during the installation process is minimal and that every aspect of our service focuses on your comfort and your satisfaction.

Talk to Us

There is no limit to the amount of automated technology we can add to your home: equally, if you are only interested in adding one aspect of this new technology to your property, there is no minimum level of automation you can add either. If you’re thinking about using automated technology to make your home a safer, cheaper and easier place to live then why not get in touch with us today? We can quickly provide a fully comprehensive no obligation quote, helping to turn your dream of an automated home into a reality.